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Sabrang Clubs

(1) Occasion: Interhouse daramatics 2009-10
Play: Bhagat Singh
Preprations: were made with the help of video the movie “The Legend of Bhagat Singh”.
Content: Bomb explosion in court by Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev.
Rank: was considered 1st rank holder.

(2) Occasion: Interhouse patriotic darama competition 2010-11
Play: Rani Laxmi Bai
Preprations:Students were provided and brought under one roof to interact.
Content: War with Lord Dulhoise.
Rank: Considered with Rank-1.

(3) Occasion: Merry Christmas 2009-10 ‘The Christmas Day’
Play: Birth of Jesus Christ.
Preprations:best chorus group singing carols was selected.
Content: Birth of Jesus and merry making by the angles and singing of carols.
Rank: Well performed in I class costumes, proper props and was appreciated by audience as well.

(4) Occasion: Grandparent’s Day 2010-11.
Play: A Happy Family.
Preprations:Students got full freedom to show their talent and creativity.
Content: Childhood in mother’s lap. School going child Married, Separation from the widow mother. At last grand
son and daughter reach their grandmother’s village and finds her ill and supports. Then their parents come there
searching them and find their children helping their own mother they get passionate and beg for their mistakes.
Rank: was greatly applauded, such the district Magistrate announced special prize for the participant of
grandmother. The parents also selected their childhood memories and married life.

(5) Occasion: The Christmas Day 2010-11
Play: Christmas Day
Content: Scrooge & haughty man, not values religious feelings not ready to donate for needy but in the end when
he came across with three spirits – one spirit of present, past and future. Those spirits depict his miserable past,
haughty present and hellish future due to his actions. Being frightened and aftermath result of his ill doing he
reforms himself and now intends to help others.
Rank: Well performed (as a long English play) by students, was considered the best performance of the students.

(6) Occasion:The Mother’s Day 2012-13
Play: Baghvan
Content: Bringing up to child by parent’s marriage of the children, forgetting the values of family by children, at last
the youngest son gets them recollect all the obligations done by their parents towards them. They realize their
mistakes, and live happy life.
Rank: was appreciated by each & everyone.

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