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Dear Teacher, Parents and Students,
Greetings to all
I am pleased to announce that the website of our school BBPS Kadarabad has been launched

Poster Making Competition on 14 July 2011.(V to XI) in III-IV period.
The competition was held in group of four students. The results will announced shortly.

‘Meri-Kavita’ activity was held for pre-primary section on the 14-july-2011, most of the students performed wonderfully.

Hindi Recitation competition was held on 15 July 2011 from classes I to IV.See the winners in gallery section.

PTM (Parents-Teacher Meeting) has been done successfully on 8/10/2011 (Saturday). Parents came in healthy manner with good strength to see the status

Career Counseling session was organized for class X students by expertise to make them comfo

ITS Quiz was organized for class XI students to check their knowledge for current affairs.

A grand celebration was witnessed on 3rd Sep. when few students of the school were given responsibilities to manage discipline, curricular activities and extra curricular activities. These Prefects were very delighted in shouldering .

Teacher\’s Day was celebrated by students with great enthusiasm. To mark Teacher\’s day students of XII class performed as teachers of the day. Various programmes were also conducted that showcased the talent of BBPians.

Vineet Nehra of class XI under 19, boys clinched 2nd position.

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