Upskilling Courses

As BBPS was preparing the youth to face the challenges in the Travel and Tourism Industry there was also a latent desire for training and development of industry professionals from diverse fields.

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Career Opportunities

Once you are certifies by BBPS you will have limitless scope for your professional career. you will be able to apply your business knowledge and expertise in the industry with strength of communication and interpersonal skills.

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Student Corner

The Student Corner aims at keeping students updated on industry news and happenings while also enabling sharing or useful information.

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BBPS today fulfills the role of a knowledge institute, professionally developing thousands of youngsters to face the challenges of the Travel and Tourism industry with utmost confidence and proficiency.

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BAAL BAARI PUBLIC SCHOOL is an initiative of Impression education society to develop and nurture young talents for tourism industry organisations. In the era of increasing customer expectations, delivering high value customer satisfaction has become a challenge for any tourism organisation. Talent management is the only answer to face this challenge.