BBPS Heritage Clubs

Our heritage club was inaugurated by our principal mam , Dr. Neeru Joshi on 15 Dec,2011 and was named “DHAROHAR”.

Below are the some activities done by the heritage club of our school in the previous year:-
Months/Years Description
Jan,2012 Students were brief about the aims and objectives of the heritage club,our expectations from the member students , brief introduction about the activities of heritage club to be held in the academic session.
Feb, 2012 Introduction about architecture of ancient India –special focus on the temples of North India + worksheet to be given related to the topics.
April,2012 Coins of different ages were shown to the students .These include coins of pre and post Independence. And students were asked to prepare power point presentation.
May,2012 Students were introduced about the architecture of medieval and modern period
July,2012 Discussion was done on World’s heritage sites.
August,2012 Quiz was held on –“Know your buildings and monuments “ And, visit to mandir.
Oct,2012 Group activity-students were divided into groups. Each student was given one festival and they draw it with its importance.
Dec,2012 Students were introduced with hut making, pot making and with the life style of villages of India.
The objectives of Dharohar are:-
  • To understand who and what we are.
  • To take pride n the unique diversity of India’s cultural identity.
  • To take care for the past so as t create a better future.
  • To give an exciting dimension to learning.
  • Our club “ Dharohar” hopes to create awareness and a sense of belonging among students and inculcate in young mind a feeling for heritage.

Our Success Stories

Our partners work with us because they believe in the value of our platform.

We have found this school a very dynamic institute, implemented many initiatives in their curriculum, which has made it attractive for us and their indulgence with every child is admirable. We have enjoyed many get togethers with this school, especially Grand-parents Day Celebration was very touchy and I felt like I had joined as a child with my parents. Keep such good initiatives in future also, please.

Dr. Abha


“I realized the difference when I shifted to my native place for one year. I took my son’s admission in top school there. But very soon I came to know BBPS is better. Therefore I readmitted my son in this school.

BBPS taught not only theoretical but practical knowledge too by including various programs like visit to market, fire station etc. I am very happy with the progress of my son.

Mary O. Randle


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