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General Facilities


Buses equipped with mobile phones are available to take the students to and from the school. The teacher lncharge and attendant on duty ensure that adequate care is taken for comfort, security and safety of the children. In case any delay, a message is ?ashed to the school which informs the parents and sends a relief bus if necessary.


The school also has the provision to provide medical care to its students by a qualified doctor on call.

Art Room

This room is dedicated to art and related activities. Training is provided in painting,drawing, craft work and clay modeling. Art activities are incorporated into the students academic time table whereby they have an opportunity to learn the basics of these skills by being exposed to them regularly.


Theatre gives a child’s imaginative ideas a form and encourages the young the spian to express emotions through his/her body language, facial expression and voice. Various human emotions like excitement, fear, ecstasy and envy are expressed by budding artists.



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