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Name: Mrs. Meenakshi
Class Taken: English (XI-XII)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.
Subject : English



Name:Ms. Padma Sharma
Class Taken:Info.Practice(IP)  & C++ (XI-XII)
Qualification : MCA(IGNOU)
Subject : Computer Science


Name: Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma
Class Taken: P.E.T. (XI-XII)
Qualification : M.P.Ed., B.Sc.(PEd.), B.P.Ed., M.Phil
Subject : Physical Education

Name: Mrs. Payal Makkad
Class Taken: VI to IX
Qualification : M.B.A., B.Ed
Subject : Social Studies


Name: Mr. Lalit Goswami
Class Taken: (XI-XII)
Qualification : M.SC., B.Ed.
Subject : Mathematics


Name:Mr. Nafees Choudhary
Class Taken: (XI-XII)
Qualification : M.Com., B.Ed
Subject : Accountancy


Name: Mr. Himanshu Dua
Class Taken: (XI-XII)
Qualification : M.com, B.Ed
Subject : Economics & Business Studies


Name: Mrs. Dheeraj
Class Taken: (VIII to X)
Qualification : M.A., B.Ed.
Subject : Hindi


Name:Ms. Sumedha Arya
Class Taken:(XI-XII)
Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed
Subject : Biology


Name: Mr. Shahid
Class Taken:Chemistry (XI-XII)
Qualification : M.Sc.( Chem), B.Ed.
Subject : Chemistry


Name: Mr. Rohan
Class Taken:Physics(XI-XII)
Qualification : M.Sc.( Physics)
Subject : Physics

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