BBPS Academic Facilities


BBPS Situated in the heart of Modinagar, the school building is an imposing piece of architecture. It has been designed with a view to provide the most up to date facilities. As we enter the school,we first come across a well -laid-out administrative block, which is a major hub of all administrative work. It is conveniently located near the entrance so that parents can easily access it even during school hours.

Class Rooms

The classrooms are airy ,well ventilated and well lit. Keeping in view the ergonomic concepts, furniture has been provided for the students. The school offers extensive learning resources to support classroom teaching with electronic board. It enables the teachers to use world class teaching resources such as Animation clips, Videos, Pictures, Diagrams & Working Models on the internet.

Science Lab

To enhance the learning ability and skill, the school has an independent laboratory system. State-of-the-art Labs including Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences give the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classrooms. The laboratories are up-to-date and well equipped with all the desired instruments and the best apparatus for conducting experiments for individual learning and innovation


The collection of books and CD-ROMs supplement the students inquisitive mind to discover and develop the love for assimilating knowledge. A very extensive references section helps students work on multi-dimentional projects.

SRC Room

Staff Resource Center is equipped with internet facility and software which is extensively utilized by the staff to prepare their lessons for computer aided learning.

Activity Center

Daffodil Section is the hub of activities with specially designed Activity Center and Play Station. Equipped with games and puzzles, this center helps in developing our students cognitive, analytical, communication and motor skills.

Technology Resource Center

BBPS has innovative Smart Classroom Programme powered by digital technology for teaching and learning. The multimedia tool reinforces the existing knowledge and helps the students in conceptualization and its audio visual impact helps in memory retention and makes learning easy and enjoyable experience. It gives the better understanding in a realistic way.

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